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Ulei de levantica - 7 ml ORGANIQUE

dezinfectant, deodorant, afrodiziac, insecticid natural sau calmant pentru sistemul nervos , antiseptic , antifungic
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Descriere produs:

Ulei de levantica - 7 ml ORGANIQUE


Ulei esential de levantica, dezinfectant, deodorant, afrodiziac, insecticid natural sau calmant pentru sistemul nervos , antiseptic , antifungic
Uleiul esential de levantica este recunoscut pentru proprietatile sale de detensionare , un bun remediu pentru o serie intreaga de dezechilibre fizice si emotionale.
Sugestii de administrare:
Baie: adaugati 10 picaturi de ulei esential in apa de baie si stati in apa 15 min
Masaj: adaugati 8-10  picaturi de ulei esential la crema sau uleiul obisnuit de masaj si masati intregul corp
Aromaterapie camera: se pun 5 picaturi in candela.
Prezentare Ulei esential de levantica: 7 ml
Producator Ulei esential de levantica: Organique


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Lavender oil - lavender oil ORGANIQUE 7 ml - 7 ml ORGANIQUE therapeutic and aromatic lavender oil, lavender oil has analgesic role, healing, soothing and is indicated for feverish colds and flu, etc. It can be used in bathrooms therapeutic procedure often used in natural therapy centers. is known by propertyand antiseptics, disinfectants and healing is much used in affections dermatitis (juvenile acne, burning, itching, wound infections, scabies, and insect bites raniproduse dogs or snakes). With significant calming, analgesic, hypnotic and strengthening the nervous system, lavender oil treating neurasthenia, headaches, nevoze, headache, dizziness, fatigue, Insomnia, mental depression, anemia, epilepsy, melancholy and anxiety. It is relaxing and soothing massage when they are inserted in local or general bathrooms. Ideal case tiredness and irritability, especially as a result of intellectual overload. Esitati not use lavender products, a miracle for our physical and mental health, both dis tested today. Suggested Directions: * Bathroom: add 10 drops of essential oil to bath water and sit in water for 15 minutes * Massage: Add 8-10 drops of essential oil used to massage cream or oil and massage your entire body * inhalations and aromatherapy room: for inhalations place a few drops in a bowl with hot water and aromatherapy cAmerica is put 5 drops in the lamp. Introduction: 7 ml


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