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Tonic hepatic 60 comprimate- Dacia Plant

Icter, congestia ficatului, insuficienţă hepatică, crize hepatice dureroase, colecistită, dischinezie biliară, dispepsie, ateromatoză , arterioscleroză, obezitate ...
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Descriere produs:

 Tonic hepatic 60 comprimate- Dacia Plant

Mod de administrare:
Adulti si tineri peste 15 ani cate 2 comprimate de 3 ori pe zi, cu 30 de minute inaintea mesei.

Armurariu (Silybum marianum) - extract hidroalcoolic cu 80% silimarina (pe suport de maltodextrina 10%) din fructe (100 mg); schizandra (Schisandra chinensis) - extract hidroalcoolic 10:1 cu minim 2% schizandrine din fructe (100 mg); anghinare (Cynara scolimus) - extract hidroalcoolic 4:1 (pe suport de maltodextrina 10%) din parti aeriene (100 mg); papadie (Taraxacum officinale) - frunze (30 mg); coacaz-negru (Ribes nigrum) - extract 5:1 din muguri (25 mg); aloe (Aloe vera) - extract hidroalcoolic 20:1 (pe suport de maltodextrina 20%) din parti aeriene (20 mg); iarba-mare (Inula helenium) - radacini (15 mg); schinduf (Trigonella foenum-graecum) - extract hidroalcoolic 10:1 din seminte (15 mg); rostopasca (Chelidonium majus) - parti aeriene (10 mg); menta-salbatica (Mentha arvensis) - ulei esential (5 mg); cimbru-de-cultura (Thymus vulgaris) - ulei esential (5 mg); lamai (Citrus limonum) - ulei esential (5 mg); agent de incarcare: celuloza microcristalina; agenti antiaglomeranti: dioxid de siliciu coloidal, stearat de magneziu vegetal.

Contribuie la:
- protejarea si regenerarea celulelor hepatice;
- detoxifierea ficatului.

Sarcina, alaptare, intoleranta la oricare dintre componentele produsului.

60 comprimate



PLANT TONIC TONIC Liver Liver 60cps 60cps DACIA DACIA liver tonic PLANT Recommendation: Chronic hepatitis. Composition liver tonic: signs thistle, Dandelion herba, herba St. John's wort, Yarrow, Rosemary, Rostopasca, Peppermint Oil, Lactose 90mg, 40mg microcristlina cellulose, aerosil 5mg. thistle - many specialized studies performed on needleplants is particularly complex revealed that the flavonoids contained in it is a very powerful antioxidant, stimulates the regenerative capacity of cells, blocks the accumulation of toxins in the liver, while resulting in the elimination of existing toxic accumulations in liver cells. This action causes a complex improvementsconsiderable liver is functioning and blood purification leading to a comprehensive reclamation felt throughout the body. Basically, armories plants is one of the most intense action and complex in the liver. It is also one of the most effective plant antitoxin, annihilating (when given to youm) mushroom poisoning effects, adverse effects of medication overdose or poisoning with chemicals. Due to the purifier and tonic for the liver, spleen and blood and helps the plant support the body's recovery in case of serious conditions such as liver cirrhosis, hepatitis, psoriasis and are also (according Studis and clinical trials) an effective force in stopping the development of certain cancers (especially prostate and liver cancer). He has qualities powerful liver tonic, good hepatoprotective, choleretic, stomahic, febrifuge, antidiskinezic, immune stimulant (studies laboratory have shown positive effects of thistle Silymarin on itimfocitelor T) antioxidant, antitoxin strongly supports the work of these organs liver and kidney protecting against chemotherapy side effects, mild cholesterol-lowering, anti-inflammatory, antifibrotic, antitumor, onset of the disease reduces the risk of cancer, reduce the adverse effects of powerful drugs and of chemicals,galactogog, antiproliferative, neurotrophic, neuroprotective Recommended as an adjunct in: hepatic failure, cholelithiasis, biliary dyskinesia, jaundice, loss of appetite, weight disorders, difficult digestion, dyspepsia, spleen disorders, constipation, hypertension, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, infection various milk insufficiency, state of physical exhaustion ANDand nervous, immune deficiencies, hypercholesterolemia. Dandelion is known since ancient times. Teophrastus tells us that works on freckles and liver spots. But first general information on dandelions for therapeutic purposes we have only the Arab physicians. In 1535 this plant numeqau French 'piss-en-lit "(pee inbed). It is known that the Prussian king, Friedrich the Great, who suffered from kidney Contact dandelion extract. The first works in German, among which and that of Albrecht von Haller, is mentioned as "Leontodon. Has qualities: strong aperitif, astringent medium-low, cholagogue, choleretic, liver decongestant, depurative, diuretic, promotes hematopoiesisintervening friendly production processes and other figurative elements of blood, cholesterol-lowering, relaxing environment, normalize liver and gall bladder functions, medium-low voltage regulator, stimulant of the endocrine and exocrine pancreatic secretion, strongly bitter tonic, general tonic Recommended as an adjuvant in: jaundice, congestion fictionAtul, liver failure, seizures, painful liver, cholecystitis, biliary dyskinesia, dyspepsia, ateromatoză, arteriosclerosis, obesity, obesity on the merits of glandular imbalance, gout, rheumatism, hives, eczema of different etiologies, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, acne, hormonal imbalances during puberty , pancreatitis. & nbsp; St. John's Wort is Dacia plant called him prodiarna or proziarn, which derived its name pojarnita popular. has qualities antidepressant, astringent, vasodilators, hypotensive, antiinflammatory, antispasmodic colagogan Recommended as an adjunct to:. depression, vegetative dystonia, pavor nocturnal acute hepatitis, hepboth chronic biliary dyskinesia, chronic colitis, gastric ulcer, gastritis hyperacid. Yarrow is a palnta used since ancient times. Pliny says that first benefited from the effects SASL was Achilles, hence its name in Latin.Although they received information about this plant since the Dioscorides, the plant will be used more intensively until the 18th century. St. Hildegard von Bingen Garwe a simple name (bunch, bundle). In Norway it was used instead of brewing hops. Have locus: Allergy-Free Environment (inhibit the action of histamine), anti-asthmatic good (relax smooth muscle of the treeof asthma and promote expectoration), good anti-inflammatory, antiseptic environment gut, urinary antiseptic medium-low, low carminativ (reduce the volume of intestinal gas - the flowers), healing gastric, intestinal and urinary Reno-strong, strong cholagogue (4-fold increase secretion of bile), emenagog average (favor the onset of menstruation - flowersespecially), good digestive tonic. Recommended as an adjunct to: gastric and duodenal ulcer), hyper-acid gastritis, hemorrhoids sângerânzi, epistaxis, internal bleeding, dyspepsia, flatulence, digestion difficult, allergy, allergic rhinitis and rhino-sinusitis, asthma allergic asthma - dust, amenorrhea, enteritis, enterocolitis syndrome isntero-kidney, cardio-renal edema, hypertension - powder, cystitis, haemorrhagic cystitis, nephritis and pyelonephritis undergrowth Rosemary Rosemary is a reddish-blue flowerswhich has been brought into cultivation in our country on the Mediterranean shore, where it grows spontaneously on sunny slopes. It is an aromatic plant, with a characteristic odor and a remedy recommended in the home. Domestic use in particular act on digestion, Central nervous system (including brain) and the system cardiovasculwould. Outdoor is an elixir in rheumatic diseases, paralysis in the muscle and has a quite exceptional beauty. What individualizes it to its other herbs are very intense actions on the brain and emotional activity. It improves memory, promotes thought processes, stabilizesemotions (the psycho-stabilized is among the few known natural medicine), increased psychological tone. Not be neglected any effect on digestion, increasing the amount of bile secreted and stimulating its removal, stimulating secretion and reducing gastric bloating (it is a classic remedy against balonării). Has qualities Antigout ANDand rheumatic good intestinal antiseptic environment, environmental-weak respiratory antiseptic, antispasmodic good carminativ (reduces intestinal gas) good cholagogue and good collar, medium-weak diuretic, cholesterol-lowering weak incentive of blood circulation, good circulation and oxygenation activator brain psihostabilizant environment, generally mild and strong incentive tocelaşi time stomahic environment, good general tonic, vermifuge medium-low. Recommended as an adjunct in: indigestion, intestinal atony (especially the stomach), vomiting, intestinal colic, liver congestion, jaundice, painful chronic bladder inflammation, diabetes, high cholesterol, insomnia, dizziness (vertigo), headache, nervousness, depresive, weakness after illness and serious operation, palpitations, heart disease adjuvant (including those occurring amid exacerbated sensibility and mental instability), amenorrhoea, dropsy, rheumatic fever, cellulitis, asthma, whooping cough, and physical exertion stroke, fatigue, chronic fatigue very sharp,weakness, convalescence. Rostopasca a plant is as widespread as it is precious, is that its use in over one hundred diseases of the liver, thetuberculosis (pulmonary and skin) from viral diseases, to cancer in different locales. Currently celandine is one of the most used plants in the European flora. Over twenty major drugs produced by pharmaceutical companies from abroad (mainly in Switzerland, France and Germany) are based on this plant, which as is well knownbecoming more appreciated. It is one of the most powerful anti-known today, was a hope for future medicine to treat infections with pathogenic fungi (which have seen a real explosion in recent decades due to irrational use of antibiotics), infection with bacterial pathogens resistant to conventional medication infecţiilor viral (especially with papillomaviruses). Most uses are now to treat biliary disorders (dyskinesia, biliary lithiasis and microlitiază, cholecystitis) and liver disorders (celandine is a tonic, regenerative and anti-infectious liver formidable). Has qualities: strong and broad-spectrum antibacterial, cytostatic good , antiinflamname of the manufacturer strongly, very strongly antiseptic, antispasmodic strong, powerful antiviral (action on influenza viruses, and herpes of the liver, the papillomaviruses), sedative good, good cholesterol-lowering, high collar, exciting medium, low, low drug, cholesterol-lowering property, environmental purgative -weak, strong liver tonic, strongly bitter tonic, heart tonic good, you willrmifug good. Recommended as an adjunct in: jaundice, viral hepatitis A, B and C, biliary disease (biliary dyskinesia, biliary calculoză, vesicular atony, biliary colic), liver cirrhosis, spasmodic cough, asthma, bronchial catarrh, gout, rheumatism, constipation atonic, intermittent fever, diseases of spleen, intestinal disorders (spasms, inflammation,infections), angina (adjunct), cerebral arteriosclerosis, atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, psoriasis, skin diseases persistent liver tonic Contra: Allergy to lactose Indications: liver tonic. Administration: 3 tablets daily before meals. Internal use. Food supplements should not replace a varied diet.Liver 60cps DACIA PLANT TONIC


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