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L-Arginine Solaray, 30 tablete, Secom

protector hepatic, antioxidant, detoxifiant, imunostimulator (stimulează producerea de limfocite T)
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Descriere produs:

L-Arginine Solaray, 30 tablete, Secom


Compoziție per capsulă : 1000 mg L-Arginină

Administrare : 1 tableta / zi înainte de masă sau conform recomandării medicului de specialitate.

Contraindicații : NU se administrează în herpes, schizofrenie, gigantism, copii mici, femei însărcinate sau care alăptează.

Efecte secundare: Nu s-au evidențiat la dozele prescrise.


Este recomandat ca protector hepatic, antioxidant, detoxifiant, imunostimulator (stimulează producerea de limfocite T) , hipocolesterolemiant, hipoglicemiant, reduce infertilitatea feminină și masculină, îmbunătățește circulația periferică, ajută la refacerea țesuturilor ( în arsuri, intervenții chirurgicale), protector cardiovascular, adjuvant în terapia antitumorală.

30 tablete



L-Arginine 1000mg L-Arginine 1000mg 30tb 30tb SECOM SECOM Arginine is an essential amino acid in children (can not be produced in the body and is obtained exclusively by external input) and in adults is a semi amino acid (can be produced in the body but in insufficient quantities and needs and intake). Efecte - detoxifying and liver protective in viral hepatitis and alcoholic outstanding in steatosis, encephalopathy, hepatic coma and liver cancer - reduced level of toxic ammonia and other nitrogen derivatives in the body, through their liver metabolism in urea, which is less toxic eliminated in the urine - the muscle cell energy metabolismby participating in hepatic synthesis of creatine with a role in muscle contraction - anabolic - muscle maintained by participating in protein synthesis - is the precursor of nitric oxide that dilates, blood vessels relax and maintain elasticity to positive effect - reduction in blood pressure (including pulmonary hypertension and coronary) -improving peripheral circulation in Raynaud syndrome and events - reducing the risk of myocardial infarction and angina pectoris - improving endothelial dysfunction (reduced progression of atherosclerotic plaque, oxidation of "bad" cholesterol - LDL and platelet aggregation) - complementary tumor therapy: reduce the toxic effects of radio andChemotherapy inhibits metastasis formation and progression - antianemic (stimulates red blood cell formation), promotes normal absorption of calcium - immunomodulator, stimulates the thymus activity - stimulates the pancreas to produce insulin in insulin-dependent diabetes - lipotropic (reduce fat and maintain muscle tissue) - reduces male infertility(Approximately 80% of seminal fluid is arginine, arginine deficiency may therefore lead to erectile dysfunction and oligospermia) - supports, together with lysine, ornithine and phenylalanine, work pituitary gland (pituitary) to release growth hormone which stimulates the childhood growth and maturity regeneration and tissue repairand their bodies, helps maintain muscle tone, the bone strength, skin integrity and functioning of brain and heart, accelerates healing of wounds resulting from burns or surgery - beneficial renal failure (dialysis) and in interstitial cystitis (inflammation, accompanied of ulceration or bladder without infectare bacterial) - relieves symptoms in cystic fibrosis Composition / tablet: L-Arginine 1000mg Directions: one tablet each per day in meal or as recommended by the consultant specialist has not given people with herpes infections, schizophrenia, gigantism.


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